Settle for a Slowdown

I swear the last few days have flew by and it seems that there will be no rest until the night of the 24th! Does it feel that way for everyone? The next few days are jammed packed with shopping, baking, wrapping and family stuff.

Went shopping with my mom, granny and sister today in Anderson. Drove up to Clemson to pick my sister up and spent the day with her. I pick up this great stamp ::

I just ♥ it!

I also picked this up for Jason and I wanted to get this for me. I also saw this and just fell in ♥!

Also finished up shopping for Jason's presents and I got everything wrapped! YAY! I am done shopping! Whew, good thing because I do NOT have the patience for the last minute traffic!

On another note, I cannot wait to see the Alvin & the Chipmonks Movie tomorrow! I grew up with these guys and their rendition of their Christmas song. Lucky for you guys YouTube has the video!!!

merry merry

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Josie said...

Found your christmas journal at flickr. Been loving seeing your daily cards and journal!
Merry Christmas!!!!