Daily Update + Free Kitties

Last night on the way to my parents house dinner I spotted a white ball of fur on the side of the road about 2 miles from my parents house. This is not unusual. My parents live in a rural area and routinely you will see roadkill on the roads, but this was not roadkill, it was a big fluffy cat.

I made Jason turn the truck around (with 4 dogs in the back seat mind you) to see what it was for sure. We get back to the area and I now see 2 fluffy kitties just sitting there. I jumped out of the car and walked toward the first one, a grey and white short hair and he runs from me. I see the larger one (perhaps the mama?) and drop to the ground while extending my hand and saying "Here kitty kitty" and she walks right up to me! The grey one had run for cover beneath a patch of briar's but after a few minutes of persuasion I got him as well and loaded them into the truck.

Needless to say I have no room for one cat, nonetheless 2, so I can't keep them. My mother and father already have one cat and just got a rottweiler puppy for Christmas and my sister has 2 cats and lives in an apartment, she can't take them as well...sooo...

We are going to make sure no one lost them (but I doubt it, it looks like someone dropped them off on the side of the road, another thing that is not uncommon around that area) and then try to find good homes for them. I will be posting photos as soon as I can.

Does anyone in the Columbia, SC area want a kitty for Christmas? Or anyone lost one off of Syrup Mill Rd recently?

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