Thank you Starbucks for being a constant source of graphic inspiration and bottomless grande sugar free vanilla soy lattes. ♥ it.

Day 6 ::
The bird is a replica of a Scrapbook Etc. download. Find it here.
This page is about a not so perfect Christmas and for me, the one that stood out the most was the first Christmas without my Grandfather.
Day 7 ::
Is about shopping! My favorite activity!
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This year I have made the pledge, so check it out::
Also, for some beautiful handmade gifts for the whole family, check out::

merry merry

a little daily ♥

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can you tell i'm obsessed with glitter stickers? find them here and here.
back soon with some yummy xmas LO's.

just eh

Today I woke up ready to see what shimelle had waiting for my in my inbox. I open it up, some encouraging words about not letting the season get overwhelming and enjoy the process. Well said Shimelle. Also, for some good reads on holiday crafty sanity, check out Ali Edwards AEZine article from Nov. 21, 2007 here.

I open up my file to read the assignment and all I feel about it is, Not so excited about it. I have a terrible memory about past anything, heck I can hardly remember what I wore yesterday, nevertheless past Christmases, but she did bring up a good point:: talk to someone else. I plan on doing this today, using my mom as a muse(i hope). And I hope to find some inspiration in her stories.

Also, I have been doing a lot of creative projects lately, a lot of hand made presents that are works in progress and today all I felt like doing was sitting down and watching the latest episode of Project Runway. And that's exactly what I did. I felt a little bit refreshed after taking some me time out, but not enough to start my day 6 page (still haven't talked to my mother yet). But I was in a semi-creative mood, so I decided to make a December calendar page for my computer desk. Simple, clean and fun. (sorry about the pic, it's from my phone, I need camera batteries bad!)

On a holiday note, Jason and I got our tree yesterday afternoon! It's actually smaller than we normally get(6'6" this year) but it's just lovely. Rearrange the whole living room to accommodate it. Pics to follow shortly.

merry merry to you and your family too

The stars are shining bright::

Day 5 is about counting down the days till the 25th. I love crossing the days off my regular calendar, but everyone I see now has advent calendars. I really never had one that I can remember, maybe one when I really little. Ali had a great idea (i think she got it from Martha Stewart) of having advent boxes, not only with gifts or candy inside, but a special outing or family get-together.

So here is my page for the 5th. I had a hard time getting started with this one, but once I got going it was a breeze. Then I forgot journaling!! ::whoops:: So, I had all these stars, the LO is about advent I just made 3 of the stars little window boxes and put my journaling underneath. Easy solution and it looks fantastic. I ♥ it!

Here it is open::
hope your Wednesday is merry and bright! ♥

Day 04 and feeling fine

Day 4 is about your perfect Christmas. I thought about this and all the things that make this season wonderful and I thought to my self: "I've never had a bad Christmas." I have been blessed to have a wonderful, meaningful Christmas every year that I can remember. They were not all alike, they were not all filled with loads of presents, but they all had a few things in common:
I feel that this page will overlap into a Christmas Traditions page as well, but that's OK for me because I am just going day by day and enjoying the creative process. This page is very different from my other pages in my book and I love that and hate that.

I love the idea of having a pre-made album full of the same colors, elements and theme and then adding things to it as the month goes on. I didn't do this. I am going day-by-day and just making pages as I feel inspired by the prompt. Today I wanted a photo and this one spoke to me and it was just perfect enough to use it as a background for my journaling (BTW I dislike my handwriting but I feel it adds a more personal touch to my pages. I could have typed the journaling onto the page before I printed it out but that defeats my purpose of having personal touch to it.)

So my album this year is going to be VERY eclectic, much like myself, so I'm OK with that. It's for me, right?

merry merry from me and mauii!

Happy Happy

Jason turns 25 today!

I got up extra early today to bake him a cake before he got out of bed. He got cake in bed today! Yay!

And today was day three of Journal Your Christmas. It had to do with Christmas cards. I ♥ mail. Any mail and especially xmas cards! For the last few years I have been buying my cards because there are just so many great designs to choose from. This year I purchased Becky Higgins KOTM from Lisa I loved them, but I really wished I had made my own. There's always next year, right? Oh! and I got my xmas cards sent out this year on the 1st of December! I'm soo proud of myself!

So here's my page. I used the fun envelope from this years card kit as my inspiration.

Happy Monday (night)!

daily update & journal page numero deux

November 29th thru December 2nd

Weather outside? Frightful or delightful?

I've been having a great time so far with the Journal Your Christmas from's online class. I almost wish I had all the prompts so I could keep at it. Today I was really having a great time and wanted to keep scrappin! There is also a lot of talent in the group of gals that are participating and it's not too late to join for yourself!

On the same kinda note, don't miss Ali Edwards daily christmas journal. Arylic. Need I say more? It's simple gorgeous!

And...for the bored and wanna be inspired ::
Oh JOy!

May your holidays be merry and bright!

December 01, 2007

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