I get claustrophobic after Christmas. I think it's because my family always gives big Christmases and I always have A LOT of stuff to bring home with me after the holidays. I get home and have the daunting task of finding homes for all the new stuff.

Most years I look at my clutter and ignore the nagging cleaning purging vibe I get. I then proceed to stash my new stuff among old clutter, making even more clutter. The strange thing is, I hate clutter but am also a pack rat. Contradictory, I know. I keep everything, thinking to myself "I might need this someday." Sometimes I'm right and most of the time I'm wrong.

This year the claustrophobia could not be ignored. I had to purge. I have been meaning too, but I just keep putting it off. I'm a procrastinator too, yeah bad combo. I started with the attic, which didn't have that much stuff in it. Done. Now I have room for Christmas supplies.

Next task was the shed. Oh boy. Let me explain the shed. It is a catch-all. A "I have no where in the house to put this so I am going to throw it in the shed so I don't have to look at it", kinda place. It's also the tool shed, lawn mower parking, potting area and golf club house. It's also where we have A LOT of misc. boxes from when we moved into the house over a year ago and never went through ALL of the boxes we packed.

So I closed my eyes and threw and threw and threw and threw. 2 hours of throwing, but it's done and I can walk into my shed!! I still have the old computer armoire to give away(no room left in the truck today) and a fish tank that I still want to someday put together so I can have some pearlscale goldfish. And it all went to a great cause :: Goodwill.

Whew, I feel great. You should try it too!

P.S. We found GREAT homes for the 2 cats we found!! Christmas kitties! Yay!

Enjoy your nite!

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