we leave for New Orleans @ 5 in the morning. That's early in itself, but we have an hour commute to get to the airport and we should really be there an hour before our flight. Thursday is going to be a LONG day.

It's Jason's first trip to New Orleans and my 2nd. I went in 2002 (?) before the Hurricane. I am interested to see the differences. Locals say the French Quarter is pretty much the same, it's the out lying areas that are still in need of lots of support.

I'm looking forward to taking lots of photos and eating some great food. Everyone has been giving me restaurant suggestions for the last week. I'm going to try and hit some of the most famous ones, but I hear the hole in the wall places are the best places for beer, music and fried food (mmm...yum).

I love flying, but hate what i does to my ears. I have MAJOR scar tissue in my ears from two ruptured ear drums and 3 sets of tubes ( all which took place before my 5th birthday). So the pressure change is really hard on me. Luckily my *love* Jason did some research for me and is committed making my flights this trip comfortable and fun.
So I'm off to pack...making sure I don't pack anything I'm not supposed to bring on the plane!