the shy dachshund & halloween spirit

a lazy impromptu photo shoot with my dachshund Arabella. She's camera shy.

getting ready to leave to go to the barn. helping set up for the show this weekend. I'll be there ALL weekend long! It's going to be a LONG weekend! But lots of FUN!

On the other side of things, I stayed up a bit last night and got my painting juices flowing a little more than normal(as of late). I have been getting some great feedback about my paintings so it's truly a confidence booster! I'm really into home crafts right now, want to try my hand at things other than signs. I'm thinking something spooky...a Halloween challenge! Luckily Jennifer Pebbles was thinking the same thing and has issued a challenge @ two peas and I am going to give it my best! And for the meantime, the blog is going into Halloween mode!!