a banana peal on the ground!OK, why am I so fascinated by trash? it's because you never see one and there's this long standing joke about people slipping on a banana peal, and yesterday i almost did! Not so funny to everyone else? ok.

Anyway...had a LONG day at work on Saturday. so did Jason. we were beat, but still managed to stay up and watch some TikiBar episodes before we hit the sheets.

On Sunday we laid around the house. And before I go any further: I have a confession to make:

I know, it's cliche southern girl but I love it! Maybe it's my fascination with going fast or the wrecks or cheering for a individual. I dunno but i love to watch it every weekend! And no, I'm not a Dale Jr. fan and I don't think Sr. was the best of all time. Sorry to disappoint!

We watched the Busch Race we recorded on Saturday while we were working. It was at Memphis Raceway. A short track, FUN! Short track are always exciting! got downright annoying. With 22 wrecks in the whole race, half the race was run under caution flags. I think the longest they raced without wrecking was like 19 laps! BUT...own man won!!! David Reutiman's first win in the Bush Series and in a Toyota at that! YAY! Go Beak!

Ok, enough vroom vrooms. On the other side of things, I got some new LO's done this weekend as well:

Gotta run for now, got some errands to run!