how appropriate...*sigh*

So Creating Keepsakes 2006 SBOTY CD Muckosky has a new challenge out today. It's scrapping about life through children's eyes. So, since I don't have any children, only the 4 legged variety, I decided to make a mini book about things I have learned from my dogs::

Woof Album :: Life Lessons I learned from my dogs.





The End

I finish this beautiful project for my dear puppies, upload the photos and then go to take them for a walk. Before I can even get two feet out of the office I see....fuzz. Lots of it. Wafting out from my bedroom into the hall way. I look to my right to look and see where the fuzz is coming from and I see this::

While I was making this great album celebrating their existence, Moto and Duke decided it was time well spent to play tug-of-war on my bed{and Frisbee too apparently}. Thus, chewing a hole in my down filled comforter and spreading the pillow fight joy around the whole entire room. *uuuggghhh*

That was an hour ago and I still haven't cleaned it up. Kinda want Jason to see the mess for himself, but I should spare him the massacre and just share it through a story later tonight.

So thats today's chaos. ::OH!:: Oh and Moto chewed threw my USB connection to my digital camera and now I have to play Inspector Gadget to get it to work. *ugh X 2*

Sometimes, some moments, it's hard to ♥ these guys, but I do. I ♥ them lots!