Blog Action Day :: the environment

I took this photo about 6 years ago when I returned to Alaska for my Grandfather's funeral. It was this first time I had been back in 8 years. I was born in Anchorage and lived and grew there until I was the ripe old age of 10. I am lucky enough to still have family living there and I can visit when I like (+ the cost of the ticket to get there!).

Since this is Blog Action Day and the topic is about the environment, I thought this photo would be suiting. There has been a lot of talk about drilling for oil in Alaska's wildlife preserves and the global warming of the glaciers.

Having lived and breathed the essence that is Alaska, seen it's wildlife and awesome (and it is awesome, not just like a "hot dog" {{thanks eddie!}}) landscapes firsthand, I have to say that I am pro preserving this vast beautiful state.

There are MANY sides to this issue and luckily there are some GREAT websites devoted to the preservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. A great place to start is the Sierra Club.

If you think that we need to use every inch of America's resources so we are less dependent on foreign oil then the best place for you to start is ANWR.


On the scrapbook side of things, check out Ali Edwards great post about green scrapbooking!