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Yes, I misspelled grateful. LOL and I'm OK with it.


Finally catching up. Got out of the scrapbooking groove on Wednesday, then Christmas and birthday activities took up the other days. Slowly catching up. If I didn't have to call the HAVOC AC man this morning I would be totally caught up (thermostat bit the dust Sunday).

Quiet birthday for me. I celebrated with my parents Sunday night and was looking forward seeing a movie with J tonight but he ended up having to work. But I did get a beautiful bouquet of roses before he had to scoot out to work. He's wonderful, always thinking of me. I couldn't ask for anything more.

merry merry


crazierinreallife said...

these pages are awesome!! Your journal looks wonderful. great job/ I love your grateful page b/c my pages are always filled with misspelt words. that way my kids will always remember my terrible spelling and laugh

Jemma said...

great pages, loving your hambly and elsie!!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Your pages are perfect!