Love This Life

While watching an old episode of Scrubs (Episode called "My New God") last night on the couch with Jason, eating pizza and just enjoying the evening I saw something that made me think about life. Seriously! I saw it and said "I want to blog about that." The first time I have ever had that thought, it was so cool! And it was all brought about by a t-shirt.

"Love This Life"

So simple and clean, yet full of thoughts and ideas. I was instantly in love and new I wanted to use it in some form of art for my house. I also knew that it was very appropriate for this holiday season.

2007 has been a beautiful, busy and often at times very difficult year for my entire family. Money issues seem to abound everywhere and this year it got all of us. So our normal very large Christmas present pile under the tree this year is going to be slightly smaller. Tiny.

But...this really couldn't come at a better time! For the last two years my family has been debating on changing our Christmas traditions a little. For one there are no small children in the family anymore (not until my sister and I have a child....not for a LONG time mom and granny!) and that leaves the youngest being 21. There's no real need for Santa to bring gifts on Christmas morning for awhile.

We all understand times are tight in the holiday season and we would rather speed quality time together rather than speeding time obsessing over getting the right gifts. A slow down and enjoy the magic of the season, not run around with your head cut off shopping till Christmas Eve season. Love this life. Love the quiet time. Love the lights. Love your family. Love the music. Love the smells. Love the sights. Love this life.

So this year I am going to celebrate Christmas. Just with less presents and more sentiments.

merry merry holidays everyone!

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I ♥ this life.

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Shazz said...

Hey, thanks for using and crediting my photo. Happy Holidays!