Game Day!

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Today the Panthers play at Tennessee. We have already had a hard season, losing my boy Jake to an injury. But we still have the best reciever of all time #89 Steve Smith. Just throw the ball at him anyway you can, he'll catch it!

10 things I ♥ about Sundays:

1. It's the only day of the week where Jason and I can spend all day together.
2. Jason and I's Sunday Starbucks morning talks.
3. It's race day!
4. It can also be football game day!
5. I can sleep in!
6. I don't have any obligations to do anything all day long.
7. Letting the dogs run and play at my parents farm.
8. Dinner with my parents (some Sundays).
9. I have all day to scrapbook if I want to.
10. Spending time with my puppies.

Have a very happy and beautiful Sunday!