Black friday

is always a marathon shopping event for me and my family. We all pile into the car early in the morning and drive to Charlotte, NC to visit Concord Mills Mall. This year Jason went with me and met up with his brother Stephen (who still lives in the outer banks of NC). We don't get to see him a lot throughout the year so this was nice. We also had lunch with Jason's Grandmother who lives in Concord and this Uncle Mike and his wife and 4 kids.

Down the Mall We Go

The Rohrer Boys

Lunch @ Quaker Steak

Mike Rohrer, Grandma Rohrer and Jason Rohrer

The Twitty Women

Jason new girlfreind: Emma (my cousin's 2 year old daughter, gorgeous!)

After a long 10 hour shopping expereince where I took over 300 photos and got LOTS of inspiration, but no actual shopping done, we finally got home. Went to bed at 8PM. I think that explains the day in a nutshell.

My New BFF :: Emma

We were both pooped but no one would carry me.

Tonight after another day of shopping the whole family will be hitting the Riverbanks Zoo for the Lights Before Christmas.